Several inmates escaped from Ayn Zara Correctional Facility due to Tripoli Clashes

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Ayn Zara Correctional Facility said today that some its inmates escaped prison during the clashes that Tripoli is witnessing between rival militias.

“Because of the clashes in the city of Tripoli and the area of Ayn Zara and the heavy artillery and bullets near the institution and the spread of rumors about the institution, which caused the occurrence of a state of rebellion and irritation among the inmates this evening where they managed to remove the doors and exit, forcing members of the judicial police of the institution to allow them so as to avoid the loss of their lives.” The Facility said on its Facebook page.

The Facility said that those inmates escaped from prison partition (A), however, it denied the rumors about the escape of those from the partition (B).

The Facility assured the families of registered inmates in the partition (B) and other partitions in the Facility that the security situation in these areas is generally good and there are no security violations so far.



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