Mass escape of 400 inmates without resistance from Ayn Zara Correctional Facility in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The Judicial Police in Tripoli confirmed that there was a mass escape of inmates from Ayn Zara Correctional Facility (A) in the city, without specifying their identities.

The Police said the escape happened after the occurrence of a rebellion and irritation among the inmates because of the loud voices of weapons due to clashes in the vicinity of the Facility in the area of Ayn Zara.

The Judicial Police added that the number of fugitives, estimated at about 400, where they managed to remove the doors and exit, which forced the Facility protection staff members to allow them to escape for avoiding casualties.

It reported that work is under way to verify the number of inmates fleeing the Facility, pointing out that the Correctional Facility (B) did not register any case of escape.

It is noteworthy that fighting in Tripoli has led to killing dozens of people.


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