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Brega Company: armed militia seized hundreds of gas cylinders

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Brega Oil and Gas Marketing Company said Wednesday that armed militia seized hundreds of gas cylinders from al-Hani warehouse in Tripoli.

The officials and employees of the Warehouse were surprised on Wednesday of an intervention of an armed group, known as “battalion of Bab Tajoura”, in the work of gas rotor of the Warehouse, the only source of cooking gas currently, the Company explained.

“This armed group threatened the workers in the warehouse by force of arms, entered the warehouse, and seized an estimated amount of 840 gas cylinders at least, obliging the company to shut down the warehouse,” the Company added.

It expressed concern regarding a crisis in the lack of gas cylinders for which the mentioned group would be responsible.

The Company described the intervention as a very dangerous and criminal act against the state and citizens, and it poses a danger to the lives of its employees, demanding the competent authorities to immediately intervene and prosecute the individuals who had committed that act, which is contrary to law and ethics.


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