Field Marshal Haftar reiterates his support for the elections and emphasizes the liberation of Tripoli in due course

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – In a meeting with Libyan dignitaries, sheikhs, and social coordinators, the General Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, announced that LNA would move to liberate Tripoli from the armed militias in a timely manner in accordance with a careful and deliberate plan.

Haftar stressed the need for Tripoli to be liberated and not to remain in disillusioned hands, pointing out that LNA is acting only according to careful calculations.

The crisis in Tripoli should end soon, the Marshal stressed, adding that LNA receives support from 85 percent of the people in Tripoli.

“LNA entered the calculated risk and did not make a coup for power, and it led 200 battles and did not lose any one of them,”He said.

“We have nothing for the leaders of the militias in Tripoli, but to get out of Libya, and we will help them later through embassies to live away from the Libyans,” he said, adding that “there are those who praise Italy and it sees itself as an enemy for us.”

“Terrorists are the evil of creation. We have faced elements of them in Libya of all nationalities and owe it to ourselves that we do not keep any element of IS alive as long as we live,” he said.

Haftar refused oppressing the families of the terrorists or taking possession of their property and called on the dignitaries and the wise to help in rejecting these practices.

The General Commander reiterated his commitment to the Paris Agreement, stressing his support for the elections and recognition of their outcome if they were “fair”.

He confirmed that he supported holding the elections but if the elections were not fair, LNA would do something to abort them.

“In Paris, there was a political agreement among the rival parties in Libya, and all other political agreements are useless. We are committed to the Paris agreement,” he added.

Haftar warned of the parties against the army to rig the elections and said that they master such acts.


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