Marshal Haftar: We support holding elections in December and ready to welcome its results

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the Libyan National Army General Commander, said that LNA supports holding presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya in December and that the army welcomes the results of any fair elections and accepts their outcomes.

During a meeting with a number of tribal elders and leaders on Thursday, Haftar said that the army is capable of securing the electoral process in all the areas it controls. “The army is also capable of securing elections in the capital Tripoli if it enters it.” He added

Tripoli is witnessing continuous clashes between different militias funded by the proposed presidential council.

Haftar stressed the need for elections to be held on time according to the Paris agreement between Libyan rival leaders, and he also stressed on the need for these elections to be fair and transparent as well as internationally monitored to ensure that there will be no fraud, manipulation, or vote rigging.

It is noteworthy that officials from the National Number Department and Civil Register Authority of Libya have stated that there are about one million national numbers forged and manipulation of the civil record data in Tripoli by some parties that seek to rig elections and silence the voice of the Libyan people.


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