Find out about a visit of Central Region Dignitaries to Tarhouna

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TARHOUNA – A number of sheikhs and dignitaries of the Central Region visited on Saturday the city of Tarhouna and met with a number of dignitaries of the city’s tribes.

Dignitaries of the Central Region expressed their condolences of the victims of the bombing of a military camp in the city of Tarhouna.

The Dignitaries, according to the Media Office of the Seventh Brigade, expressed their support for what they described as “the process of cleansing Tripoli,” stressing their support for the operations of the Seventh Brigade, which they said it aims to cleansing the capital from whom they described as “militias” (forces of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord) (GNA).

It is noteworthy that Tarhouna Council of Dignitaries Chairman, Salih Alfandi, and the Official Spokesman of the Council, Abdul Rahim al-Burki, were at the front of the receivers of the Central Region Dignitaries.





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