Protests in Tripoli next Sunday to overthrow GNA (Video)


The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – “Voice of the People Movement” announced the organization of a foot demonstration on Sunday roaming the streets of Tripoli from the field of Jazeerat Fashlum to the field of Jannat al-Areef, in protest against the lack of officials response to the reform demands called upon by the Movement in previous rallies.

“We took to the streets several times in the past to demand our rights and reforms, but unfortunately we have not seen any response by officials or anything that contributes to alleviating the suffering of the Libyan People. Moreover, the conditions have become more catastrophic and all the means of living have worsened. We are dying of humiliation and oppression every day, and officials are struggling for power, money and influence, not caring about the tragedy and suffering we are living,” The Movement said in a statement.

Voice of the People Movement added that it decided to start a large campaign to overthrow the current political bodies in Libya, including the Presidential Council, the Stat Council and the Parliament, stressing that it would demand the acceleration of the elections process.


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