“Youth Movement” denies bombing Mitiga Airport in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Youth Movement of the Capital denied its relationship with the bombardment that hit the Mitiga Airport in Tripoli on Wednesday, after adopting the operation by an armed group called itself “Youth Movement of the Capital.”

Youth Movement of the Capital condemned bombing the airport and endangering the lives of civilians, stressing that it is a peaceful publicr movement seeking to establish a state of justice and equality away from all political disputes and armed conflicts.

The Movement refused putting its name in such criminal acts, considering that it is the only one that holds the official character of this name, pointing out that implicating its name in such acts was merely an attempt to distort its image and prevent it from continuing its peaceful path and taking to the streets to express its rejection of conspiracies against homeland and its people.

It is noteworthy that an armed group, called itself “Youth Movement of the Capital,” claimed responsibility for the bombardment at Mitiga International Airport early Wednesday.

The Group published a video on Facebook showing the launch of a rocket, in addition to words of one of the operation perpetrators saying that they were “Youth Movement of the Capital.”


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