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No oil production losses due to Tripoli attack, NOC

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – National Oil Corporation (NOC) confirmed it was continuing to conduct its operations throughout the country normally, without any loss of production, after the terrorist attack on its headquarters in Tripoli.

NOC assured all citizens that it implemented contingency plans to deal with the crisis in order to ensure the continuation of the production and the conduct of daily operations on a regular basis.

The Board of Directors of NOC stressed that the attack did not weaken the morale of the the Corporation staff, adding that the budget and revenue systems of the General Directorate of Finance was secured, as well as all data relating to the activities of the Corporation such as exploration, production, refining, manufacturing and marketing. No sensitive files were damaged or lost as a result of the attack, and the Corporation had kept backup copies of its electronic data, according to NOC statement.


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