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Libyan activists criticize misinformation in the UN Panel of Experts 2018 report on Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – A number of Libyan activists have criticized parts of the UN Panel of Experts 2018 report on Libya, specifically accusing battalions from the Libyan National Army of appropriating funds that were in the old headquarters of the Central Bank of Libya during clashes in the city of Benghazi in 2014.

Activists on social networking sites said the accusations were baseless. Activists on Facebook shared several videos and pictures of the transfer of money from the old bank to the new bank from a specialized finance committee set up by the Central Bank of Libya to recover the damaged money.

[VIDEO] Exclusive footage of the restoration of damaged assets from old HQ of the Benghazi CBL

A number of Libyan Twitter accounts said that some of the UN parts of report are biased towards one party in the conflict in Libya at the expense of the other, which runs counter to the supposed role of the United Nations, which is supposed to be neutral and not part to any local conflicts.

The activists added that the information contained in the report of the UN Panel of Experts was wrong and misleading. “This information was not based on the criteria of scientific reporting, which requires the investigation of accuracy, credibility and objectivity in the reporting from neutral sources, in addition to the need to listen to the testimony of all parties before the performance of any charges unfounded.” Said Activists Ahmed Awamy on Twitter.


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