Clashes renewal and accusations exchange between rival militias in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The Seventh Infantry Brigade accused the Tripoli Protection Forces of violating the cease-fire agreement, signed on 9 September under UN auspices, by shelling its concentrations in Khallet al-Furjan and Oil Reservoirs area south of Tripoli.

On the other hand, the Tripoli Protection Forces accused the Seventh Brigade of violating the cease-fire agreement too after shelling the concentrations of its forces with rockets, stressing the occurrence of intermittent clashes between the parties.

For his part, the Spokesman for the Ambulance and Emergency Service, announced the death of an elderly woman because of fear of clashes during transferring her to the hospital, pointing out that the ambulance was still trying to return home to remove the rest of the family from the area of Muthallath al-Kahrabaa in Ayn Zara, Southern Tripoli.

Eyewitnesses confirmed to press sources the fall of a number of rockets near al Matabbat Street and Brega Company at Airport Road .

The rockets fell on Wednesday after midnight and caused damage to a house of a resident, called Ahmed Karir, in addition to material damage only in some houses and vehicles on the street, the witnesses said.


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