The seizure of an ambulance during a family evacuation mission from Tripoli Clashes

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – An ambulance belonging to the Department of Wounded Affairs – Tripoli, which is affiliated with GNA’s Ministry of Health, was armed robbed and seized on Thursday morning while on its way to evacuate one of the besieged families on Al-Khalatir Street.

The Department of Wounded Affairs – Tripoli stated on its Facebook page that gunmen forced the paramedics to get off the vehicle before the seizure.

The Department also condemned the incident stating, “we stand at a distance from everyone, and we have nothing to do with political strife.” While also stressing, “The Department of Wounded Affairs – Tripoli with all its cadres are not involved in any armed conflict. Their role is to provide humanitarian services to the injured neutrally and without discrimination.”

Tripoli has witnessed deadly clashes since 26 August that killed 78 people and injured 210 others so far. UNSMIL recently brokered a cease-fire agreement between rival GNA-funded militias; however, clashes erupted again in southern Tripoli since Tuesday morning.


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