LNA Commander assigns a committee for security services at Benina International Airport

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The General Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, issued a decree appointing, Dean. Attiya Balat, chairing a committee for avoiding overlap of functions at Benghazi Benina International Airport.

The Committee is competent, in accordance with the decree of 19 September 2018, to define the tasks and duties of all the security services operating at Benina International Airport, To ensure that there is no overlap in terms of reference and duties among the security services.

The committee is also responsible for establishing a mechanism to coordinate with the service providers at the Airport, Civil Aviation Authority, Airport Administration, Transport Companies, and handling services, to find out the problems they face and propose appropriate solutions.

The Committee is working to develop a joint security plan from the relevant authorities to prevent any security breach at the airport.


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