Evacuation of 15 families in Khallet al-Furjan and behind the Yarmouk camp in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The spokesman of the Ambulance and Emergency Service Osama Ali, announced today the evacuation of 15 families whom were stuck in the area of Khallet al-Furjan and behind the camp Yarmouk.

He pointed out that the families sent distress calls since yesterday, but their evacuation was difficult at the time because of the intensity of the clashes in the area and the lack of a safe passage to exit, stressing that all families are in good condition.

Tripoli has witnessed deadly clashes since August 26th. UN Support Mission in Libya recently brokered a cease-fire agreement between rival GNA-funded militias; however, clashes erupted again in southern Tripoli since Tuesday morning.


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