The people of Tripoli set 11 demands to solve the crisis in their city

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Residents and civil society organizations of Greater Tripoli issued a statement on Saturday denouncing the ongoing fighting in their city despite a ceasefire agreement signed in the city of al-Zawiya under the auspices of the UN.

The participants identified several points confined to the following demands:

1. Immediately cease armed clashes between all parties and abide by the provisions of the agreement in the city of al-Zawiya and consider all military actions war crimes punishable by international law and rejected by local and international customs and laws.

2. We condemn the work of the fraud in Greater Tripoli, which accompanied the attack on the capital, and we call on the Security Directorate to play its role.

3. We call on the people of Tripoli to make security precautions in their areas and take the necessary measures to secure their lives and property.

4. We call for the implementation of disarmament measures from all unregulated armed formations in all Libyan cities according to a fixed timetable.

5. We hold the Presidential Council responsible for its recent decisions by assigning the parties to the dispute and working to reformulate it in a way that strengthens the concept of the State’s military and security institutions.

6 – The necessity of implementing the security plans and arrangements for the capital of Tripoli, taking into account professionalism and military hierarchy and not the regional and tribal concept.

7. We call on the United Nations Mission (UNSMIL) to take more effective and resolute action against those parties that have not complied with the terms of the Agreement signed in al-Zawiya and hold them responsible for the current situation.

8. We call upon the Presidential Council to carry out its tasks and the need to work for quick and rational solutions to all security, political and economic crises.

9. Call on UN Mission to form an international committee to verify the conditions of prisoners in all Libyan prisons and to guarantee freedom of opinion advocated by the February 17 Revolution.

10. We reject the escalation in the media discourse against any city in Libya and from any side.

11 We reject all kinds of corruption and call for the prosecution of corrupt people in all Libyan cities.


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