New Ceasefire in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

GARABULLI – A meeting, held in Garabulli east of Tripoli on Tuesday between the dignitaries and elders of the cities of Tarhouna and Tripoli, concluded with signing a charter for reconciliation between the two sides.

The two sides agreed, on the basis of the meeting held on Friday, to consolidate the cease-fire agreed upon according to Al-Zawia agreement under UN supervision, and a statement is to be issued by the Minister of the Interior followed by a statement from the city of Tarhouna confirming the commitment to the ceasefire and another statement to be issued from Tripoli confirming the ceasefire as well.

It was agreed that the delegation of Tarhouna would communicate with the commander of “al-Somoud Brigade,” Salah Badi, within the framework of the full agreement on the cease-fire, and the delegation of Tripoli communicates with the commander of  “Gnaiwa Battalion,” Abdul-Ghani al-Kikli and make him commit to the cease-fire.

The meeting stressed the need to commit to non-arrest and abduction based on identity, non-exposure to private property, commitment to promoting speech of calm, tolerance and reconciliation, and renouncing the social media that incite sedition.

The parties agreed that the Minister of the Interior of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) would form a force of security directorates of Tripoli, Tarhouna and Qasr Ben Ghashir, with the participation of police officers from the Western Region who belonged to the interior Ministry before 2011. The Force is entrusted with the tasks of securing the southern region of Tripoli, in coordination with the commander of the Military Region – Tripoli.

A delegation of reconciliation men who participated in the reconciliation process and the cease-fire will enter the areas of clashes with the force formed by the Ministry of the Interior to supervise the withdrawal of the parties and the return to their headquarters, and the removal of the barriers, obstacles and the remnants of the clashes, noting the need to coordinate with the commander of the Military Region – Tripoli in this regard .

A committee of reconciliation men is formed by a decree of the Minister of Interior for communication and activating the work of the Security Arrangements Committee and following up with the implementation of its outputs.


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