Migrants escape their detention in Libya with the help of Whatsapp

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ZAWIYA – A group of Nigerian migrants locked up in a detention center in Zawiya, Libya, managed to film a video showing their living conditions, which they send to a friend via Whatsapp, and managed to be repatriated, according to Franc 24 TV Chanel and French newspaper La Nouvelle Tribune.

Efe Onyeka and Frank Isaiah, two Nigerians held in Shuhada al-Nasr Detention Center in Zawiya, filmed themselves commenting on their living conditions, and calling for help . They sent the video by Whatsapp to a friend, which went viral on Nigerian social networks to reach France 24 program ‘Observers’.

The video was transmitted to the Libyan office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which set up a voluntary return plan and offered it to the detainees. Today Efe Onyeka and Frank Isaiah and 162 other Nigerian detainees have returned safely to Lagos.


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