Monitoring ISIS elements east of Sirte

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

SIRTE – The security director of Sirte, Col. Maeouf Al-Mudani, revealed that elements belonging to the terrorist organization ISIS were located along the coastal road between Wadi al-Ahmar, 90 km east of Sirte and Umm al-Kandil, 110 km.

Al-Mudani said on Sunday, that a patrol of police in cooperation with a force of the Libyan National Army conducted surveys of the area. He also pointed to the escape of the elements of the organization from the place upon the arrival of the joint force to the site, stressing that patrols are looking for fugitives south of the Wadi al-Ahmar area.

The city of Sirte was once part of Libya’s ISIS-controlled coastline from 2015 to 2016, before Libyan forces combined with U.S. airstrikes wiped out ISIS combatants from the area. Although it no longer controls Libyan territory, ISIS sleeper cells still lurk in the Sirte desert.


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