HoR Defense Committee denounce statements made by the Tunisian Minister of Trade on Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TOBRUK – The National Defense and Security Committee of the Libyan House of Representatives denounced in a statement the Tunisian Minister of Commerce’s remarks on the guardianship of the Libyan state and promoting the idea of oil for food, according to the Committee’s statement.

The Committee considered these statements a violation of Libyan sovereignty and called upon the Tunisian government to clarify these ‘irresponsible statements’, which diminish respect for sovereignty and neighborhood, according to the statement.

Tunisian Minister of Commerce, Omar Behi, said previously that his statements were ‘misrepresented’ by the media.

“What I meant is to import oil from Libya, in exchange for the export of the necessary Tunisian goods and products in the framework of the common and mutual interest between the two countries.” , he said, stressing that “Libyans our brothers and relations with them are not market relations”.


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