Chergui: AU and UN aim to organize a reconciliation conference on Libya in Addis Ababa

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NEW YORK – The commissioner for Peace and Security of the African Union, Smail Chergui, said in an interview Saturday evening with Russian news agency Sputnik that the African Union and the United Nations aim to organize a reconciliation conference, which would represent all Libyans in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.

“We have a plan to convene a reconciliation meeting in Addis Ababa, of all the Libyans. We are trying to have it before the end of the year. We want to organize it with the UN, together AU-UN. That was part of our discussions here in New York”, Chergui said.

He noted that the UN-led election registration process and the dialogue which the organization maintained in about 40 towns across the country had partly laid the necessary basis for a future reconciliation conference.

“I think the UN has started not only the registry of Libyans for elections, which was rather successful but also they have initiated the dialogue in around 40 towns within Libya. So normally that kind of pre-dialogue can prepare the ground for a conference on reconciliation,” the commissioner pointed out.

In addition, the commissioner told Sputnik that general elections in Libya, currently scheduled for December 10, should only take place once all political forces are ready to accept their results, otherwise it may further aggravate the situation in the country.

As for the conference on Libya hosted by Italy, Chergui said that “it looks like the initial thinking is changing, it’s not Sicily anymore, and the dates are not fixed yet,” noting that the AU maintained contacts with Rome.


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