Salamé: We have ‘other plans’ if Libya’s political institutions don’t do its work

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ZUWARAH – United Nations’ special envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salamé, said in a press conference following his meeting with Zuwarah’s mayor, dignitaries and tribal elders on Sunday that the UN Mission have ‘other plans’ if Libya’s political institutions don’t do its work.

Salamé said House of Representatives, the High Council of State and the Presidential Council should “do its work, otherwise we have other plans to produce … I wish I will not come to these other plans in the hope that these bodies in turn do its work because this is its natural role. ”

However, Salamé added that he expects these institutions to “produce a law of parliamentary and presidential elections.” And he also expects “everyone in these bodies not to believe that the chairs were written in their names until the end of their lives because this is undemocratic, unacceptable and illegitimate. The United Nations will never accept it”.


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