In military ranks, Tripoli militants resume “their activities”, as GNA and UNSMIL implement security arrangements

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TRIPOLI – The Presidential Council of the proposed Government of National Accord (GNA) continues granting legitimacy to the militias of Tripoli, through the legitimization of armed elements and groups, which are part of the GNA misimplemented security arrangements.

On Sunday, the “Tripoli Protection Force” militia announced on its official Facebook page the return of whom it described as “lions of the Force” to exercise “their security duties” in the capital after the end of the clashes in the south of the city”

The militia published photos with its announcements showed “Mohammed al-Bakbak, a militant from Tripoli Brigade militia wearing the uniform of the General Security Forces with the rank of major on his shoulders.

Mohammed al-Bakbak

Other photos also showed by Salah Cheni, (AKA “The Common Fig”), wearing a lieutenant’s uniform.

Salah Cheni, (AKA “The Common Fig”)

The Tripoli Protection Force also published a photo of Khairi al-Kikli, (AKA Hankoura), wearing as a lieutenant colonel. The Force praised “Hankoura” on his role in “restoring security” after returning to exercise “his activities” in Tripoli after the ceasefire.

Khairi al-Kikli, (AKA Hankoura)

The Tripoli Protection Force did not say whether the return of these militants to work was part of the new security arrangements announced by the GNA and UNSMIL, and the committee formed by the GNA to ensure a ceasefire in Tripoli.

It is noteworthy that “Hankoura”, “The Common Fig”, and al-Bakbak, took a leading role in the recent clashes in southern Tripoli for nearly a month, which resulted in the death of 117 people, while 404 were injured and 20 missing, according to the GNA Ministry of Health.

According to activists from Tripoli, the issue of granting military ranks to civilian leaders of armed groups is one of the reasons for the deterioration of security and among the wrong arrangements of the GNA, which failed to impose security in Tripoli.


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