Field Marshal Haftar: We support elections and will play our part in securing it

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, General Commander of the Libyan National Army, said in written comments to questions submitted by Reuters and published on Tuesday that the army supports elections in the country and it will play its part in securing it.

”The General Command [of the LNA] has not backed down on what it has pledged [regarding elections], and we are ready to play our part in securing elections on the agreed date”, Field Marshal Haftar said in the written response provided by his office.

”But the rest of the parties have breached their commitments … and have not taken any steps to fulfill their role”, he added.

As for speculations regarding his future candidacy, Field Marshal Haftar responded, ”when they are [elections] announced and the door opened to run for them, you will know the answer.”

In May, Field Marshal Haftar and other Libyan political leaders agreed verbally under French mediation in Paris to create a framework for elections scheduled for December 10th.

The Paris agreement provided for the preparation of a ‘constitutional base’ before September 16, a deadline already not respected by House of Representatives which was called in particular to adopt a referendum law on a draft constitution.

”We have now exceeded this date [Sept.16] without any action and without any justification,” Field Marshal Haftar said.

Haftar said the situation in Tripoli remained dangerous despite U.N. attempts to establish a truce between armed groups.


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