The formation of a human rights team to investigate violations during the Tripoli clashes

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Libya announced the establishment of a fact-finding team to investigate and document the violations that occurred during the recent clashes in Tripoli.

According to the organization’s statement via its Facebook page, the team will be headed by Professor of International Law of Human Rights at Libyan Academy for Graduate Studies Dr. Abu Garara al-Farjani.

The team is composed of human rights lawyers, retired officers and judges, according to the organization, which called on victims and their families to communicate with them through their own channels of communication.

Tripoli recently witnessed violent clashes between rival militias all funded by the proposed Government of National Accord, which resulted in the killing of more than 100 people, while hundreds of others were wounded, displaced, or missing.

On the other hand, the Libyan National Army spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed al-Massmari said that LNA has nothing to do with the ongoing clashes between the militias in Tripoli, and that the army continues to fully secure all the areas under its control such as the entire region of Cyrenaica east of Libya, and large parts of the south and the Libyan west.


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