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Libyan dinar drops again against the dollar in the local currency exchange black market

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The Libyan dinar exchange rate recorded a new decline against foreign currencies during the current week after reaching 5 dinars and 27 dirhams per dollar, compared to 5 dinars and 12 dirhams last week, local media outlets reported.

According to sources from the local currency exchange black market, the exchange rate of the euro was 6 dinars and 12 dirhams, compared to 5 dinars and 97 dirhams, while the exchange rate of the pound was 6 dinars and 72 dinars, compared to 6 dinars and 55 dirhams.

The exchange rate of the Turkish lira was 87 dirhams compared to 85. As for the Tunisian dinar, the exchange rate jumped from one Libyan dinar and 87 dirhams to one Libyan dinar and 89 dirhams.


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