Interim Government MoI discussing security mechanisms for securing the Southwest

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Girnada – Minister of Interior of the Libyan Interim Government, Counselor Ibrahim Bushnaf, discussed mechanisms for securing the South-West region of Libya (Fezzan) during a meeting with regional security directors.

During a meeting on Thursday at the ministry’s office in Girnada, Bushnaf discussed with the security directors of the municipalities of the West Coast, Al-Qaradah, Al-Katroun, Al-Shati and Aubari, all the obstacles facing the security forces in the municipalities of the Southwest region.

“We need to work more effectively to ensure security in the southern regions of Libya, to secure roads between cities and villages, as well as combating terrorism, crime and illegal immigration,” Bushnav said during the meeting, attended by General Secretary of the Interior Ministry, Colonel Miloud Jawad Suleiman.

Counslor Ibrahim Bushnav urged the meeting paticipants on the need to do more to improve the performance of security services in that region, which is reflected on the service of citizen security and to protect the back of the armed forces, pledging to continue to provide the necessary support to all the directorates of security of the Southwest.


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