Dabbashi: Position of international community is negative towards what happened in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Former Libyan Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ibrahim Dabbashi, said in a televised interview on Friday that the international community’s stance is negative towards what happened in Tripoli.

He added that that the Libyan people and the residents of Tripoli did not see a real reaction to what was going on.

In response to the demands of the presence of international forces in Libya, Dabbashi said that this is unrealistic, especially since the militants can not agree on this and consider such presence a threat to their interests.

Tripoli recently witnessed violent clashes between rival militias all funded by the proposed Government of National Accord, which resulted in the killing of more than 100 people, while hundreds of others were wounded, displaced, or missing.


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