New cabinet reshuffle in the Sarraj government

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The Presidential Council of the proposed Government of National Accord, headed Fayez al-Sarraj, made several ministerial amendments to its government on Sunday, including the Ministries of Interior, Economy and Finance and the General Authority for Youth and Sports.

The Presidential Council issued a decree by which Fathi Bash Agha, an MP from Misurata and former commander of al-Marsa Battalion of Misurata; one of the largest battalions of the Libya Dawn Operation in 2014, was appointed as the Minister of the Interior. In a separate decree, Ali Abdulaziz Al-Issawi, an Islamist politician and a former ambassador to India, was appointed as the Minister of Economy and Industry.

The Presidential Council also appointed Faraj Boumatari as the Minister of Finance in its proposed government, while Bashir Abu-Ajilah Al-Qantari was appointed as the head of the General Authority for Youth and Sports.

Activists accused the Presidential Council of issuing these decrees that represented a conflict of interest, calling them as decorated bribes for MPs, politicians, and militants in exchange for their support for the presidential council, which did not get the confidence of the House of Representatives and did not come to power throw elections.


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