Who is the Egyptian terrorist “Hisham Ashmawi,” arrested by LNA in Derna?

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DERNA – His full name is Hisham Ali Ashmawi Mas’ad Ibrahim, known as “Abu Omar Al Muhajer” and he is 45 years old.

He joined the Egyptian armed forces in the mid-1990s, where he joined the Special Forces as a security guard in 1996.

After being investigated, he was transferred to administrative work within the army, but he did not stop, and he continued to publish his hard-line ideas.

In 2000 he raised suspicions about him, when he scolded the reader of the Koran in a mosque where he prayed because of a mistake in recitation.

He was referred to a military court in 2007 after being warned not to repeat his inflammatory remarks against the army.

He was dismissed from the army following the military trial in 2011, and his connection with the military establishment was finally cut off.

After his dismissal from the army, he formed a terrorist cell that included a group of takfiris, including four dismissed police officers, for their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Takfiri groups.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry monitored his trip to Turkey on 27 April 2013 via the Cairo airport and infiltrated through the Syrian-Turkish border to Syria.

He received training (on the manufacture of explosive materials and combat operations).

After his return from Syria, he took part in a “Rabaa” sit-in in Cairo. He also participated in the assassination attempt on former Egyptian Interior Minister General Mohamed Ibrahim.

He participated in the Massacre of the Farafra, on 19 July 2014, the operation in which 22 Egyptian conscripts were killed and participated in Al-Arish third massacre in February 2015, which targeted 101st Battalion, killing 29 members of the Egyptian armed forces. He participated in the training and planning for the break-in of the Military Battalion.

After his return from Syria in 2013, he established Al-Murabitun group and announced his joining al-Qaeda, with the city of Derna, as a stronghold of his terrorist operations against Egypt, that was before he allied with the Abu Salim Brigade in Derna where they constituted the terrorist Shura Council of Derna Jihadis.

Ashmawi was arrested today by the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces in Derna, according to LNA spokesman, Brigader General Ahmad al-Mesmari.


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