Al-Mismari: Extradition of Ashmawi to Egypt has not yet been discussed

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

DERNA – Spokesman for the General Command of the Libyan National Army, Brigadier General Ahmad Al-Mismari, denied in an interview with The Address any plans to extradite detained terrorist Hisham Ashmawi whom was arrested by the LNA in Derna on Monday.

“The terrorist Hisham al-Ashmawi will be investigated by the military prosecutor,” said Al-Mismari. “The question of his extradition to Egypt has not yet been discussed.”

Al-Mismari affirmed that the decision to extradite Ashmawi is the responsibility of the General Command of the LNA, pointing out that he is under investigation by the military judicial authorities and the LNA would possibly cooperate with neighboring countries in the investigation.

The Libyan National Army General Command has announced on Monday the arrest of Hisham Ashmawi, a former Egyptian officer who is the commander of the al-Murabitun extremist group in Derna city in northeastern Libya along with four other terrorists.


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