High-level meeting for reinforcing security in Benghazi

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The Security Director of Benghazi Colonel Salah Huwaidi held an extensive meeting in his office at the headquarters of the Security Directorate, attended by the Director General of the General Directorate for Criminal Investigation and the assistants of the security affairs, general affairs, inspection and Follow-up Affairs at the Directorate, the Head of the General Traffic Control Force and the heads of the centers, sections and units in the Directorate.

Huwaidi stressed on Tuesday the need to reinforce security measures adopted by the Directorate in the city, especially at night, with the deployment of patrols of Najda (emergency) police department, accompanied by the spread of the security forces in the centers, each according to the scope of competence, and tightening the protection of institutions, arresting drug dealers and drug abusers and preventing disruption of security and coordinating between security forces and control of public street forces in maintaining security and stability in the city.

The meeting dealt with the coordination between the various bodies which resulted, in the recent days, in the seizure of terrorist networks that were planning to target the stability of homeland and its security and civil peace.

The meeting stressed the necessity of intensifying coordination and strengthening it to deal with any negative phenomenon that harms security in the city. Coordination between the army and other units of other security services was also discussed in devoting preventive security, which will preserve security and thwart any attempts to tamper with it.


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