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Financial obligations of the GEC exceed 6 billion dinars: Administrative Control Authority

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The report of the Administrative Control Authority for the year 2017 spoke of the violations of the General Electricity Company (GEC), where the report said the company did not work to solve the problems of administrative lapses that have spread in the company, and did not comply with the controls of administrative work and expanded to spend on the purchase of equipment and vehicles in an exaggerated manner, as it delayed in approving the company’s balance sheet since 2009, and this is against the law.

The report also revealed that the General Electricity Company expanded in the disbursement of financial advances to employees amounted to 2.5 million, and expanded expenses amounted to 801 million dinars, while revenues did not exceed 516 million dinars.

The report also stated that the company’s liabilities to third parties have expanded to reach more than six billion Libyan dinars, which have not been repaid, in addition to judicial bookings exceeding 2 million dinars.


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