Health center and secondary school opened in Qawarsheh area in Benghazi

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – In the city of Benghazi, the Qawarsheh Secondary School and the Qawarsheh Health Center were opened at an official ceremony attended by a number of officials from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health in addition to the Municipality of Benghazi.

The opening came after the completion of the maintenance work carried out by Barqa Contracting and Real Estate Investment under the supervision of the Department of follow-up and quality assurance in the municipality of Benghazi, the education official in the region said in a statement to The Address after the ceremony.

These projects are also among the emergency projects carried out by the Benghazi restructuring committee from by the President of the House of Representatives, chancellor Aguila Saleh Issa and headed by the Prime Minister of the Interim Government Abdullah al-Thani.

It is noteworthy that the area of Qawarsheh, which represents the western suburb of Benghazi, has witnessed destruction in large parts of it as a result of the war on extremist groups fought by the Libyan National Army in the past years. The region was also famous by its Qawarsheh checkpoint, which was on the coastal road at the western entrance of Benghazi, and used to be the headquarter of extremist groups before it was liberated by LNA in April 2016.


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