Interim Government removes Alabbar and reconstitutes Benghazi Municipal Council

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – Interim Government Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani issued on Monday a decree to remove the mayor of Benghazi, adviser Abdel Rahman al-Abar, reconstituting the municipal council of Benghazi and turning it into a board of deputies composed of a head and four members.

Council of Ministers Decree No. 671 for the year 2018 named Saqr Omran Boujouari as a head of the management Council of Benghazi , and Jazia Jibril, Idris Ghaith Qadoura, Tariq Hamed Al-Shwaheidi and Kamal Miftah Sawan as members.

The military governor of Derna – bin Jawad district, Major General Abdul Razek al-Nathori, issued in mid April last year a decree to appoint Abdulrahman al-Abbar as mayor of Benghazi, replacing the former resigning mayor Ahmed al-Ureybi.


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