Conte risks with counter-productive of Palermo conference on Libya: Italian Senator states

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Rome – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte risks counter-productive to the conference to be held in Palermo on Libya on November 12-13, the vice-chairman of the Italian Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Stefania Craxi, said.

“Although it is perfectly natural and understandable that Italy can not but be the interlocutor of peace and a precursor to the stability of the complex Libyan situation, the words of the prime minister, especially in the light of the forthcoming conference called by the government, give an impression of concern and seem to confirm the rumors that have spread on national and international newspapers on the status of the conference,” according to AKI News.

“Conte, less than a month before the conference, not only did not say a single word about supporters and participants, let alone Trump!, but publicly stated that there is no solution.”

“Perhaps it would be better to explain in the diplomatic circles, to the president, that such a conference should have a common path and objectives on a large scale, because it can not be limited to just a social event for chatter and traditional collective images,” Craxi said.

“There is a great risk that a good idea will turn into a boomerang, that is counterproductive with all the consequent detriment of the stabilization process in Libya itself, which we want to support,” she concluded.


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