Political dead-end in Libya (opinion)

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The vote of the House of Representatives (HoR) on September 24, 2018, that ratified the project of a constitutional law provided the naives and the optimists with the hope of a possible Libyan political outcome. International diplomatic circles, down from their offices, acclaimed this apparent democratic progress because they envision the running of legislative and presidential elections. At last, this is what the whole Libyan people have been expecting after the accords of Paris.

Sadly, the reality is much different and even with all the goodwill on earth, one could never imagine that some decent political solution would emerge from the current Libyan political institutions.

Yet, even though the HoR acted fairly, the Libyan people is no fool. Every Libyan is fully aware that this project of cthe onstitution does not stand a chance to be accepted by the 3 centres of power. Motives are numerous and each side could find many a reason to not backing the constitutional project. One could also wonder whether the Parliament acted willfully in order that, for the next decade, each of its members might preserve his petty privileges. What is more, the proxy principle is in itself a major impediment to the good running of elections.

What will happen next? Even though the electoral commission were committed with organizing the constitutional referendum, not only would this latter be massively rejected by the Libyan people but be certain that global insecurity would have already jeopardized the whole process from the start.

Indeed, however positive a referendum might be for the Libyan people, how could anyone imagine that it could duly being held when the whole world is standing arms crossed, watching militias of all kinds grabbing the many resources of the country and taking the Libyan people in hostage.

All these militias claim to act in the Libyan people’s interest when they actually fight only for their own. Militias in Tripoli, capital of our country, are making the life of its population a misery by means of organized looting of resources and constant insecurity. What is more, it is all happening with the consent of both Mr. Fayez al-Sarraj and the international community.

And these people are doing no less than support, comfort and finance the militias into a gridlock situation that will eventually paralyze the country. This situation should shame the international community, because as concerned for the Libyan case as they might look they only side with the weak and the perilous.

The international community hails loud that it will promote a political solution focused on security issues while on the same time it plays into the hands of those who squander every chance of a political solution to build up.

Both the international community and our own institutions have taken the Libyan people in hostage, this is the bitter reality every Libyan has to cope with daily.

The international community still might prove its courage and its goodwill in assuming its errors and admitting the people it has chosen to support have failed. But the international community has chosen to stand by the enemies of democracy and security. All in all, this is pure irony heralded by the harbingers of peace and human rights.

But let everyone be aware that the Libyan people will fight their freedom off the grip of a few and the greed of some profits seeking foreign countries. They will take back their destiny into their own hands and the world will behold the rise of a free nation, proud of its institutions and willing to build a brighter future for its children and those who have so much suffered since 2011.


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