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Trump asks Cabinet secretaries for 5% budget cut

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WASHINGTON – The U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday instructed every agency secretary in his Cabinet to cut 5% from their budget for next year, CNN reported.

“I think you’ll all be able to do it. There may be a special exemption, perhaps. I don’t know who that exemption would be,” Trump told Cabinet members during a meeting at the White House, according to the American news-based news network

Trump added “some people at the table” could cut “substantially more” than 5% of their budgets.

“There are some people here at the table, I’m not going to point you out, but there are some people that can do substantially more than that.

Because now that we have our military taken care of, we have our law enforcement taken care of, we can do things that we really weren’t in a position to do when I first came,” he said.

Democrats in Congress have blamed the Republican tax plan for ballooning the deficit.


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