Conte: There is no ingenuity or ambition to solve the problem of Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, said during a press conference today in Rome that he does not expect the conference on Libya, scheduled in Palermo on 12 and 13 November, to solve the country’s issues.

“I called the conference for Libya in Palermo for 12-13 November but there is no ingenuity or ambition to solve the problem of Libya. If the day after we do not have the stabilization or a document signed by all the players we will not say it was a failure”, said Conte.

“We will be very inclusive, we have invited all the main players in the Libyan scenario. Italy together with the others offers a table, an opportunity for discussion. If we succeed in making progress we will have offered a great contribution to the Libyans and to the international community “, he added.

Conte reiterated his skepticism over holding elections on December in Libya, but he said that such issue will not be decided by Italy.

“To think that the elections in Libya could be held in December seems to me a rather imprudent hope, but this will not be decided by Italy. In Brussels, I shared this assessment with President Macron”, he stated.


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