The Sun deliberately intimidated readers by report on Libya: Russian Foreign Ministry

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MOSCOW – (Libya Express) – The Sun, a British daily, is deliberately intimidating its readers by claiming that there is an alleged Russian threat in Libya, Russian Foreign Ministry’s commentary published on Monday states.

The ministry reminded that in early October, the paper published an article titled “Russia sends troops and missiles into Libya in bid to enforce stranglehold on the West”.

The article states that Russian President Vladimir Putin is moving troops and missiles into Libya in order to “make the war torn North African country “his new Syria””.

“The publication is written in a glaringly alarmist style, with the aim to intimidate the common British reader by a mythical Russian military threat. It is the British media, the Sun tabloid included, that actively participates in a global information campaign on smearing Russia,” the ministry stated. “At the behest of the UK newspaper, the global community is faced with a new set of insinuations, this time about Russian interference in Libya. Furthermore, as usual, they lack simple logic and proven facts.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that they act in strict accordance with the UN Security Council’s decisions made on Libya. “In our practical steps, we are focusing on cooperating with all responsible Libyan parties in the interest of a speedy realization of the provisions of the national reconciliation road map created by UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Libya Ghassan Salame,” the commentary states.


Source: Libya Express


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