ISIS claims responsibility for al-Foqha terror attack

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The terrorist organization ISIS claimed responsibility for al-Foqha terror attack in statement via its media platform on Monday.

The terrorist organization said that so-called “caliphate soldiers” killed and kidnapped several people during the attack while a suicide bomber blow himself up in a separate attack on the gate of 400, on the road between Al-Jafra and Sabha area, where one soldier of Libyan National Army was killed and another was wounded.

“The soldiers of the caliphate detonated an explosive device on a vehicle that tried to follow them on the desert road,” the statement said.

On Sunday night, militants loyal to ISIS launched an attack on the area of al-Foqha in al-Jufra district, killing four people, including the son of the head of the municipal branch, and kidnapping nine others.


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