HoR: we demand an apology from Italy’s Amb

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Ali al Saidi, member of the House of Representatives, said in an interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa that Libyan parliament got “very angry” at what they considered interference by Italy’s ambassador, Giuseppe Perrone, “but we did not expel Perrone, we wanted an apology.”

Al Saidi, who described Perrone as a “refined diplomat with great views”, said that he is “welcome as he has been every time he has come to Cyrenaica”.

Al Saidi spoke about the upcoming visit of Aghila Saleh, President of the House of Representatives, to Rome. He expressed the House’s “disappointment” over European sanctions targeting Saleh and said that the House “expected from Italy, as a privileged interlocutor of Libya and I mean all of Libya not only a part, a different attitude, of dissuasion against the European partners on these sanctions ”

He criticized Italy’s “unbalanced” approach that favors Tripoli especially during the Gentiloni government and stated that Tripoli “is a hostage of the militia and not of regular and institutional security forces. In the East of the country, there is instead a Libyan national army that responds to the orders of Khalifa Haftar, a strong commander and a decision-maker. ”

He dismissed the prospect of holding elections in the country on December 10th, stating that “Tripoli is controlled by the militias and there are no conditions for going to the polls. You can vote in Benghazi or Sebha, but not in Tripoli. ”

Al Saidi concluded by demanding from Italy “balance in relations with Libya, whether it is West, East or South”.