Libya Humanitarian Situation Report (July- September 2018)

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

LIBYA – Over the last three months, the humanitarian situation in Libya deteriorated considerably. Fighting in August and September affected the lives of thousands of children and families and a measles outbreak continues to spread, UNICEF reported.

UNICEF published yesterday its Libya Humanitarian Situation Report highlighting:

  • Fighting which erupted in Tripoli in August 2018 continued into
    September leading to the displacement of 5,065 families (25,325
    individuals). UNICEF continued its emergency response reaching over
    2,000 children with child protection services.
  •  A measles outbreak since April 2018 has resulted in over 600 reported
    cases, with the number still increasing. UNICEF, WHO and the Ministry
    of Health are planning a nationwide Measles, Rubella, Polio
    vaccination and Vitamin A supplementation campaign to protect
    children against vaccine preventable diseases. It is scheduled to take
    place at the end of November 2018;
  • A total of 2,895 (1,400 male and 1,495 female) vulnerable children,
    men and women living in Tripoli’s Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
    camps and detention centers were provided with increased access to
    basic water and sanitation services;
  •  UNICEF in Libya continues to face a funding gap of 29 percent in its
    Humanitarian Action for Children 2018. Without urgently receiving
    additional funds, UNICEF will not be able to meet the education,
    health, nutrition, water and sanitation and child protection urgent
    needs of the 245,000 people, including 165,000 children, who are
    targeted in 2018.

– 1.1 million of people in need of
humanitarian assistance
– 378,000 children in need of
humanitarian assistance
– 268,000 children in need of safe water,
sanitation and hygiene
– 300,000 children in need of education in
emergency support
– 343,200 children in need of protection
– 193,581 Internally Displaced People
– 669,176 Migrants
– UNICEF Appeal 2018
– US$20,161,000


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