A tweet by World Food Programme causes an uproar in Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – A tweet posted three days ago by World Food Programme caused an uproar in Libya, which led the organization to delete it.

The deleted tweet, which was written in Arabic, shows a picture of a small Libyan boy wearing traditional clothes, which Libyans usually wear in celebrations, with the captions: “Mohammed came with his mother to receive food in Tripoli. We asked him why he was wearing Eid clothes. He replied that his mother told him that going to receive food is a day to celebrate.”

Since then, Libyans on different social media sites especially Twitter expressed their anger and frustration over the tweet.

Matog Saleh, a producer at Sky News Arabia, said “I never expected the situation to reach where we are today. Libyan people are getting poorer day after day and drowning in a sea of humiliation and degradation”

Libyan journalist, Abdel Basset ben Hamel, reposted the tweet before it was deleted and commented: “Look where humiliation and degradation have reached”

Spokesperson for the Interim Governemnt, Hatem Al Oreibi, said in an interview with Libya Al-Hadath TV that this is “a painful reality” but the manner in which this child’s need was portrayed was “provocative”. He said that the organization used a provocative manner without discussing the real reasons behind what led to this situation in Libya.

Al Oreibi held the international community responsible for the food crisis in Libya “due to its support for the so-called Presidential Council which focuses on who holds sovereign positions and forgets the rest of Libya completely”.

He said that the Interim Government is doing everything at its disposal to provide food and medicine for those in need. However, he says the Presidential Council is obstructing the work of the Interim Government by depriving the government from hard currency which he says is the only way to provide food and medicine.


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