General Union of Libya’s Students says that one of the figures invited to Palermo conference has ties to terrorist groups

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The General Union of Libya’s Students said in Saturday that Mohamed El-Qabalawi, whom the Italian government invited to represent the Union at the Palermo conference, has links to terrorist groups.

“The imposition of guardianship and subordination by the Italian government reminds us that the past is not too long.” said the Union in reference to Italian colonialism. “Provoking of the Libyan national student movement by inviting Mohamed El-Qabalawi to represent it as president of the General Union is a false claim that about a person belonging to the extreme institution of Quduati”.

The statement added that “the institution of Quduati drained the blood of the Libyans and participated in the destruction of state institutions, especially the educational institution in order to spread ignorance and backwardness among the people of our country as did those elements that allied with the terrorist group ISIS”

The statement pointed out that the participation of such elements will kill any initiative to get out of the crisis and contribute to the reproduction of extremism and the polishing of terrorism.

The Union warned Italy not to ignore the voices of students, stating,”Italy must be well aware of our great concern and we will not stand idly by and call on it to be prudent in the face of our national movement.”


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