Arresting a “Benghazi Shura Council” member injured in Sabratha attack

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

SABRATHA –  One of the members of the so-called Benghazi Rebels Shura Council, who fled Benghazi after being defeated by the Libyan National Army (LNA), was arrested by the Security Room Forces of Sabratha; a room for fighting IS. He was injured due to his participation in the failed attack on Sabratha with the forces of “Amo” and Gharabli.

According to a video published by the Observatory Newspaper, while being transported in an ambulance to receive treatment, the detainee is called, according to his initial confession, Abdullah Yusuf Abdullah. He confirmed his injury in Sabratha when he was fighting Sunday with the forces of Ahmed al-Dabbashi, known as “al-Amo,” who is supported by Tahir al-Gharabli, the Head of Sabratha Military Council.

Media reports from the city confirmed the participation of a number of elements of Benghazi Shura Council, who Fled after they attacked Sabratha on Sunday, al-Wadi battalion of the the Security Room confirmed.

It is noteworthy that Benghazi Rebels Shura Council had fled Benghazi after it allied with Ansar al-Shariaa, linked to al-Qaida, and IS in Benghazi between 2014-2016 against LNA, which killed most of their influential leaders and totally controlled the city in 2017.


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