African Union condemns attack against Sabratha

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ADDIS ABABA – The African Union (AU) today condemned the attack on the city of Sabratha, in western Libya, by militias accused of migrant trafficking.

“The most worrying thing is that the authorities in that country warn about a further escalation of violence, which is contrary to the principles of integration and peaceful coexistence that our organization tries to promote,” said a statement issued by the AU. 

“We reject any hostile act that threatens the stability of our member states”, the statement added. 

According to local security sources, clashes broke out between forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA) and militias on Sunday when the latter attacked the city in an attempt to control it. These militias are affiliated with militant Ahmed al-Dabbashi, also known as Al Ammu, whom is a subject of sanctions by Security Council over migrant trafficking.

A few hours later, the troops defeated the armed groups, killing four members and injuring dozens. The municipal council confirmed that the city is under control now and that the schools will reopen on Tuesday.


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