Former Head of the Libyan Coast Guard reveals details of his encounters with Ambassador Perrone and other Italian officials

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TRIPOLI – Former Head of the Libyan Coast Guard, Brig. General Tarek Shanbor, revealed in a series of posts on his Facebook page details of his encounters with Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone and other Italian officials.

Shanbor wrote what he describes as a testimony to the events that occurred during his time in office, including a meeting held at the official meeting hall of the Italian Ministry of the Interior in Rome. This meeting was for the Libyan-Italian Joint Committee to Combat Illegal Immigration and Smuggling.

Shanbor elaborated, “during the discussion, one of the senior Italian security officials spoke and said that we [Italians] will conduct qualitative operations inside Libyan territory to arrest and detain some of the men wanted by the Italian state!. ” To which Shanbor responded, “are we allowed to make arrests inside Italian territory? If we are allowed to do so, you can do the same within Libyan territory.” He added that this kind of behavior conflicts with the sovereignty of the Libyan state on its soil.

Shanbor wrote about his experience with the Italian Ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Perrone who left Libya following controversial remarks he made that sparked national protests across Libya against Italy.

“One day I received a phone call from former Interior Minister [of the Tripoli-based government] Abdel Salam Ashour. He told me ‘your phone is switched off, the Italian ambassador is looking for you to sign the record of receiving the boat 106.’ I told him that my phone is not off… he said ‘[the ambassador] is with me at the office and asked us to sign and receive.’ I said did you mean that you are the one who will sign the receipt? He said to me ‘yes, he [the ambassador] asked for that, and I told him this is a matter concerning Tarek.”

Shanbor continued, “why is he asking you to sign the receipt? Can the Libyan ambassador in Italy be allowed to meet with the Italian Interior Minister at any time and as he wishes?”

He also made a reference in another post to the involvement of the Italian Intelligence in collecting information on various Libyan individuals, especially those attending the Palermo conference on November 12th and 13th.

Shanbor stated that “Italy is preparing to repatriate thousands of illegal immigrants to their countries under the name of voluntary repatriation by using the European Support Fund allocated to support Libya in accordance with the treaty ratified in 2008 between Libya and Italy.”



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