Former Head of the Libyan Coast Guard: Italian Amb Perrone crossed all diplomatic boundaries

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Former Head of the Libyan Coast Guard, Brig. General Tarek Shanbor, revealed in a series of posts on his Facebook account details of his encounters with the Italian Ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Perrone and other Italian officials.

In a post published October 7th, Shanbor said that Ambassador Perrone tried to surpass the role of Libyan Coast Guard by contacting directly with the Interior Ministry of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord Abdul Salqm Ashour.

“One day, I received a phone call from the the currently exempted Minister of the Interior. He told me ‘your phone is turned off, the Italian ambassador is looking for you to sign the record of receiving the boat 106.’  I told him that my phone is not off, that’s not true.

He said ‘[the ambassador] is with me at the office and he asked us to sign and receive the boat.’  I said ‘did you mean that you are the one who will sign the receipt?’ He said to me ‘yes, he [the ambassador] asked for that, and I told him this is a matter concerning Tarek.’

I told him this request is wrong; the General Directorate of Coast Security is the authorized one to signs the receipt of the boats through the Office of Maritime Operations, it is authorized to inspect the technical receipt. He said ‘what should I tell him?’ I said ‘tell him to send the Embassy representative of the Italian Ministry of Interior to us to sign with him the the record of receiving. This is what we did in the past when we received boats 109 and 111.
The Ambassador must also understand that we have not received the boats from the Italian Interior Minister so why is he asking you to sign the receipt? Can the Libyan ambassador to Italy be allowed to meet with the Italian Interior Minister at any time and as he wishes? The Ambassador has crossed all diplomatic boundaries.’

He said ‘alright, I will inform him of that’. The following day, the Embassy representative of the Italian Ministry of Interior came and we signed the record of the receipt of the boat 106, which was in the presence of the Office of Maritime Operations and coincided with an official visit to us by a representative of the High State Council.”


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