Former Head of the Libyan Coast Guard: Italian Amb Perrone was infuriated over boats transfer

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Former Head of the Libyan Coast Guard, Brig. General Tarek Shanbor, revealed in a series of posts on his Facebook account details of his encounters with the Italian Ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Perrone and other Italian officials.

In a post published October 4th, Shanbor said that Perrone was “infuriated” over transfer of boats by Libyan Coast Guard to Khoms seaport and he requested that it be brought back to Tripoli seaport.

“One day I received a phone call from Italian Ambassador in Tripoli, Giuseppe Perrone. He said ‘where is the boats? Why did you transfer it to Khoms seaport? You must bring it back to Tripoli seaport immediately. I have been in contact with the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior in Rome, whom are upset by your actions to transfer the boats from the port of Tripoli to the port of Khoms without our knowledge and consent.’

I told him that the Maritime Operations Office of the General Directorate of Coast Security is the decision maker. And I told him that the Office of Naval Operations decided to transfer the boats for technical reasons, which are the pavement’s unsuitability for positioning and the lack of readiness of the port to provide the logistics required for operation. Besides, I do not work for the Italian Interior Ministry. I work for the Libyan Interior Ministry.

From here, the ambassador was infuriated and asked me to meet him at the embassy, which I rejected.”


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