Italian Deputy Foreign Minister: There will be no predetermined solutions in Palermo

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Italian Deputy Foreign Minister, Emanuela Claudia Del Re, said in an interview with Italian news agency Dire on Thursday that there will be no predetermined solutions in the Italy-hosted Palermo conference on Libya which is scheduled for November 12th and 13th.

“In Palermo there will be no magic recipes nor predetermined solutions; but we will take a step in the right direction, under the sign of inclusion”, said Del Re.

The goal is to stabilize the country, overcoming the deadlock in the political process with elections held as soon as possible, when there are administrative, political and security conditions.” she stated.

“In collaboration with key players such as France and the United States, Egypt and Russia, we will focus on the dimensions of security and the economy “.

When asked what are the specific objectives in these areas, Del Re stated, “the Conference will be useful for consolidating the UN-sponsored ceasefire in the Tripoli area and for enhancing international support for the creation of regular Libyan security forces. We will then work for the reunification of the economic and financial institutions of the country. In more diligent times, an event dedicated to Libyan civil society is planned, which will always be hosted by Italy “.